Thursday, February 7, 2013


We started the new year at our friends house playing games and eating yummy treats.  We watched to ball drop on the TV.  Welcome 2013!!  I have a great feeling that our adoption will happen this year!!

January zoomed by... not sure where it went??  I can't believe how fast the months slip passed.  I remember my mother saying this when I was a kid and not understanding what she meant, but now I get it.

We are already one week into February.  I've been busy planning our Valentine's Couples Dinner.  All the Valentine decorations are up and today I am picking up grocery items for the dinner.  We really look forward to hosting our dear friends for this fun night.  We are going to eat dinner, play some games, take some fun photos and talk.  I am going to make these little heart Kisses for name cards at our dinner.

It has been a very cold 2013 with most of the days below freezing.  Yesterday was finally in the 30's and the sun was out.  I am glad we have had more snow this winter, but I am ready for spring!!

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