Monday, March 19, 2012

Let the finding begin!

We are Jeff and Margaret.  We are finally ready to start our finding process for our sweet baby.
Let me back up a few months.  Back in June of 2011 we met with our case worker to get started on our adoption journey.  We got all the paper work... and there were a lot of papers!! We reviewed the items we could get started on. We had to do some reading for our training log, so off to the library I went to checkout the book, Dear Birth-mother.  This book helped us understand how important it is to have positive, open ideas about birth-mothers.  We learned so much from reading this book.

We had to pull letters of reference from friends and family, along with letters from our employers and our bishop from church.  Once all these were in, we had to get the fire inspector to come check to see that our home is safe.  Our case worker came as well to do a more thorough home safety audit also.  We finished all the readings for the training log.  We all had to get our doctor check-ups too.  The last few things were interviews with our case worker and to write a birth-mother letter and put a couple scrapbook pages together to have at the agency office.

We are very happy to have all the paper work done and move into our finding phase!  We hope you will follow us on our adoption journey!